About Pop Hair Gallery Ink is Windsor's best hair and tattoo experience.

POP Hair Gallery was established in 2011 by three friends and stylists faced with change and the drive to embrace a new challenge. "If we build it, they will come." Through out the next four years the team expanded to include many talented stylists and an exceptional team of tattoo artists. Fast forward to today and POP remains a space that inspires creativity. POP prides itself on it's...

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Team The Awesome people Behind it all.

  • Staff Member: Tracy Paterson

    Tracy Paterson

    As a Pop co-owner with almost two decades behind the chair Tracy still has an excitement for hair that is undying. During this time she has attended classes with L'Oreal, Wella, Sexy Hair, Kevin Murphy as well as many others. However, it was a class with Deva in July, 2012 in NYC that changed her career path when she proudly became a part of their Canadian Education Team later that same year.

    "I enjoy spreading my love for the curly girl across Canada, by educating their local stylists with the latest of Deva techniques and product knowledge. I feel clients receive better service from a stylist that is well versed in a strong education background. It also has the added benefit of keeping my own work fresh and on point. "

    Through out her career Tracy has worked on numerous shoots and fashion opportunities. She has had her work appear in numerous publications including the Windsor Star and Rolling Stone.

    Tracy specializes in curly hair but embraces working with all hair types and working one on one with each client.

  • Staff Member: Charles Carrico

    Charles Carrico

    Charles Carrico has been a stylist in the city of Windsor, Ontario, Canada for over 20 years. His experience has led him through a great journey in his styling career.

    Co-owner of Pop Hair Gallery, Charles heads up education in his salon, mentoring junior stylists of all ages. Charles has been with the Oligo Professional team for over 4 years, 3 as part of the artistic team doing shows across Canada and the U.S.

    Sit back and enjoy the outgoing personality of Charles as he shares his techniques and skills, as well as the Oligo Professional methods.

  • Staff Member: Carla Homenick

    Carla Homenick

    Carla has been working in the industry as a stylist for over 10 years, and as a salon owner for 6. Over this time she has trained between Windsor and Toronto with Sexy Hair, Intercosmo, L'Oreal, Wella, Goldwell, Unite, Devacurl and Kevin Murphy. She has also assisted with the Ontario Governments Apprenticeship program for 5 years.

    Carla has had editorial work featured in publications across Southwestern Ontario, and has been featured internationally on Wedding Bells Magazines website.

    Carla feels strongly about community involvement, and is a very important part of her work. She has collaborated with local art galleries, working backstage for pageants and theatre, as well as fashion shows across Windsor.

  • Staff Member: Peter Baillie

    Peter Baillie

    A life long artist, Peter has been producing commissioned work for almost 30 years, and has displayed his art in a wide range of galleries and artistic venues all across Canada.

    Peters skills were developed at Sheridan Oakville, in the illustration program, and later at the University of Windsor in the fine arts program.

    After years of expressing himself primarily through painting, he was urged to take up tattooing...and has never looked back. After 13 years of hard work, dedication and passion in tattooing, he has developed a loyal clientele, and with the help of his partners has finally produced a one of a kind environment for them @ POP Hair Gallery Ink.

    His tattoos have been featured online, in magazines, local news television, and on the late show with Seth Meyers.

    “My philosophy regarding tattoos is that it is a collaboration between the artist and client. The artist has a very special and important role in this process as they are responsible to solve a problem; that is, to have a client express themselves through a permanent visual medium. It is the responsibility of the artist to ensure that the design not only reflects the expressions of the client, but also remains original, and will hold its integrity for years to come. A tattoo is not a static work of art, it is a living ever changing part of the clients body, that will be carried with them for the rest of their lives. I am truly honoured and grateful when a collector puts their faith and trust in me to properly express their ideas as a permanent piece of art on their body.”

  • Staff Member: Ben Deacon

    Ben Deacon

    With almost two decades in the hair industry, education is still Ben’s passion, be it as a student in a classroom, or leading a class on a unique journey into his years of industry experience.

    Continued education is the key to success in any industry, but especially in the hair industry. Ben has focused on continuously training and re-training with some of the top names in the industry. Ben has trained with Wella, Matrix, Tony and Guy, Suki international, Martin Parsons, L’Oreal Professionnel, Pravana Naturceuticals, Redken 5th Avenue, and Schwarzkopf Canada, he brings a wide range of knowledge and technique to the table.

    “Giving back to the industry that has helped shape my life from a very young age is very important to me. As a stylist/colourist i am able to teach each of my guests a little something to make their lives easier with their hair. As an industry educator, i have the opportunity to share my experience with both up and comers and seasoned veterans alike. Even though i may be there to teach, inevitably, i learn a little something from each my students which has helped me be a better, more well rounded stylist as well!”

  • Staff Member: Ashley Sunshine

    Ashley Sunshine

    Ashley has been a part of the industry for 12 years and has explored many adventures within the practise of hair.

    She practices the use of Henna color. Using plant matter from henna, indigo and cassia, provides the ability to colour and treat hair chemically free. It's a healthy alternative for the clients, stylists and the hair.

    She enjoys sharing her passion for cutting, shaping and styling hair of all textures. She uses different approaches to fit each persons individual needs and most importantly are fun and easy for the client to recreate on their own.

    She also has a flare for incorporated various braiding and barbering techniques including straight razor work.

    Outside of hair a few hobbies that reign in her artistic talents include: singing, guitar, astrology and being a certified energy healer in the practise of Access Bars.

    The combination of all she does translates through her work with hair.
    "I am greatful to have Pop as my home to share my artistry, knowledge and services to others."

  • Staff Member: John Jimenez

    John Jimenez

    Born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, Jon Jimenez is a multi-disciplinary artist that has been focusing on his craft in tattooing for a little over 7 years.

    With a background in graffiti and graphic design he shows a great appreciation for lettering and layout. You may see his work around the city whether it be a mural at a local business or a logo design, but he believes tattooing is the most "honest" art form.

    "With painting or design you may be working with a client, but you're not working on the client. There is no eraser or undo button when you're tattooing. This is the only canvas that will talk back, move and fidget, bleed and be late. These people put an enormous amount of trust in your hands by allowing you to mark their body for the rest of their lives. Not only does the work speak for itself, but the client will speak for you as well."

  • Staff Member: Alex  (knox)

    Alex (knox)

    Knox is a 24 year old adventurer who has been an artist since his early childhood years dabbling in whatever mediums he’s had in front of him. Always fascinated with wildlife and the outdoors, as he aged his passions for nature began influencing his art.

    Being a wandering soul he has spent the majority of his time travelling to experience cultures and traditions around the world as well as to take advantage of all the natural beauty this globe has to offer. Knox ventured west to live in the Rockies for a lengthy period of time where he worked as a dog sled guide living with the Stoney Nakoda peoples of the Alberta Rockies. He engulfed himself in native culture to broaden his knowledge and respect for wildlife and to greatly inspire his creative abilities to depict the powers and beauty of these natural beings.

    Not only does Knox have a style based around nature but he is also known for using the intricate detail of dot and line work, creating fascinating worlds not only from a far but also when observing up close and personal. As an award winning painter, photographer and film maker this tattoo artist has never been short mediums for you to experience and feel his passions for this world we live in.

  • Staff Member: Rachel Gray

    Rachel Gray

    Rachel first found her passion for hair in high school. She worked as the hair and make up person for Sandwich Secondary's theatre programs. After that she went to St. Clair College to follow her love for Musical Theater but had decided that She liked the costuming and hairstyling the best. Rachel traveled back to St. Clair again but this time for Hair Styling.

    "I was blessed with having Pop as my co-op salon. Tracy took me under her wing as her assistant. I've been with Pop for about 3 years. They always help fan the flames of my creativity.Pop is a place for creativity to thrive and I can't wait to see what the future holds for me."
    During her time at Pop her creativity has blossomed as she had helped with multiple weddings, fashion shows, photo shoots and window displays. Always showing her ingenuity.

  • Staff Member: Angela Bell

    Angela Bell

    Angela Bell has worked at Pop Hair Gallery since they opened their doors and has officially worked as a licensed hairstylist since 2011. Angela completed her Hairstylist apprenticeship under Charles Carrico and continues to work along side him as his assistant. She also works on her own clients, while specializing in a variety of braids, braided updos, as well as, cuts and colours. Angela is also Deva Curl certified.

  • Staff Member: Lisa Lucier

    Lisa Lucier

    Lisa Lucier is currently enrolled in the Ontario Apprenticeship Program and is currently studying under Ben Deacon.

    Previously a visual arts major, Lisa has always had ambition to exercise her creative mind and a love for expression and beauty.

    It has been a long time goal to pursue her dream of becoming a stylist. Her eagerness and commitment to learning, dedication to excellence and passion for the industry is what will drive her success as a future stylist.

  • Staff Member: Jessica Bondy

    Jessica Bondy

  • Staff Member: Dave Kant

    Dave Kant

  • Staff Member: Vince Kogut

    Vince Kogut